Wednesday, 15 August 2012

The deep joy of off-shore call centres

Vodafone seem to be losing the plot. A little.

Daughter had a total episode trying to pay her bill yesterday - she stopped direct debits due to Vodafone's mysteriously ever-changing bills causing havoc with her student part-time working income management. 

The charming girl in India, or wherever the corporate tax dodgers base their call centres, had great difficulty in venturing even slightly off-script.

VODAFONE: "What is your pin number?"
DAUGHTER: "It's double zero blah blah"
VODAFONE: "That''s not what we have here"
DAUGHTER: "Well it's the one I've had for the past 5 years"
VODAFONE: "Can you repeat it?"
DAUGHTER: "Yes it's zero zero blah blah"
VODAFONE: "That's not what you said first time"
DAUGHTER: "Yes, I did"
VODAFONE: "No, you said double zero blah blah"

You couldn't really make it up!

However, daughter, a bit outspoken at times, somewhat like her father, was asked prior to the ending of this very fraught conversation, the perfunctory  "Is there anything else I can help you with today?"

She replied "Yes please. Could you move your call centre back to the UK, teach staff how to go off their script if they need to, and ask your bosses to pay their fair share of corporate tax please?" 

She did suffix her conversation with a "And sorry, I do know you are only doing your job as best as you can to carry out what your managers have told you to do".

You can tell my daughter is off to study politics at University. Watch our Dave/Nick/Ed - she's gunning for your job!

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