Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Feeling sorry for Olympic brand PR! No, not me.

A columnist in the Independent said that he felt sorry for the public relations people of the Olympic sponsors.

The games on BBC meant precious little advertising during the live games, the huge television audience therefore being hard to reach, blah, blah and etc.

I don't feel sorry at all.

I've had my own uphill struggles during my work in PR over the years. I took the knocks on the head, but got up and continued, without crying into the glove compartment of the BMW I've never owned, dressed in the designer suit I've never bought.

However, I appreciate their difficulties, to a certain degree. They are only carrying out the requests of their rip-off Britain masters. Even the £10,000 a week Max Clifford (at least that was what he wanted some 12 years ago to manufacture me into the hottest radio presenter since the previous hottest radio presenter - I declined, only on the grounds of not having the money) could never defend the monopoly on cash machines that Visa took at the games, given they went in with a public perception of being a member of the robbing, untrustworthy, back-handing and deceitful banking industy.

I haven't drunk Coke in 35 years. Hate the stuff. I'm no longer a McDonalds fan, having developed a preference for real chips over the years. And I certainly fail to see the point of buying a pair of Adidas trainers for £90 that left their far eastern sweatshop for $3 and that the BBC programme Panorama proved don't necessarily contribute to your foot health any more than a £12 pair from Leeds market do!

As for UPS - have never needed to use them, although I believe it's a good way to get rid of your rubbish - bag it up, get them to collect and you'll never see it again. Cadbury. Can't wait until the badly done-to Cadbury heiress, Felicity Loudon, gets her own chocolate production underway (having recently sold her country pile to finance it). Deloitte. Oh yes, they help rich people dodge tax. Thomas Cook. Yep. They were ripping off people big time with Olympic hotel and ticket packages. EDF. Oh them. They're the ones who put prices up the minute the wholesale gas price increase, but never put them down until months after any decrease, and then only by a pittance. Lloyds TSB. Er, they've a bit dishonest of late, haven't they.

So the PR front seems a bit complicated for the sponsors (partners) so far.

I think it's the monopolistic, brand-police attitude take during the Games that has been the only big negative. Our fantastic achievers have been knocking themselves out wholesale, collecting medals on behalf of Sport GB, regardless of whether or not they couldn't use their Mastercards to pay for a Happy Meal.

Meanwhile, despite the ban on any sport brand bar Adidas, Nike, the Greek goddess who personifies victory, also known as the Winged Goddess of Victory, appears on the back of every Olympic Medal.

Try a £20,000 fine for that, you draconian brand police!

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