Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Supermodels - why oh why?

I'm really sorry, but whoever invented the term "supermodels" needs not only taken to court by Trading Standards, but shoved up against a brick wall and insulted by the utterly repulsively-natured Naomi Campbell.

Why are they 'Supermodels'?

Yes, they are good at being over-priced clothes horses at the beck and call of the stylishly-challenged. But that it is. They are about as Super, as Super is a five-letter word. And that is it. There really is absolutely nothing super about any, single one of them!

And it's not as if what they do is vital to the world. To allow someone to operate on your brain, you need a brain-surgeon, trained for years, and an expert in their field.

Shove some fashion that lacks total style on your body, act like a mannerless, witless, sultry moron, walk like you have an oversized suppository shoved up your behind, and hey presto, you're a model. Anyone could do it, despite what the basket-case, fashion-house Prima Donnas would otherwise suggest.

But there's absolutely nothing 'Super' about you whatsoever!

My 19-year old daughter's pals from school ain't models.

But they are all super.

Well-mannered, attractive, friendly, level with their respective stations.

Some were in a fashion show recently and they were only brilliant. And their pay for the night. Tea and sandwiches, a big thank-you from the charity orgainsers, and their picture in the local rag a few days later. And they were chuffed to bits.

Come on media. Stop lauding these women as if they were something special. They're not. Even remotely.

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