Wednesday, 8 August 2012

It's pronounced "Gateaux". So then it must be bolleaux as well!

The hip and with-it rubbish is expanding at a rate of knots. Exponentially in relation to a lack of understanding in some cases.

Newsreaders tell us what's "trending" at the moment.

Exactly. What IS trending? Aside from being a load of old "bolleaux" and a fancy, world wide web way of saying "what style-less fashion of the moment people are falling for".

If you're especially worried, they'll tell you to "hashtag", whatever the hell that means. #. There. I've hashtagged!

Piers Morgan, the former editor of the Daily Mirror, and now for some reason is as equally qualified as a 22-year old singer is to dictate who has or hasn't singing talent in a nationwide talent contest. Meanwhile, what they don't tell us, is that the talent contest is solely designed to make Simon Cowell even more wealthy.

Piers is busy twittering on about football, as if anyone really cares. 24 hours a day it seems. Talking a load of bolleaux that we mere mortals haven't a clue about.

And apparently the singer girl is perceived as sensible enough to judge talent, but not sensible enough to set an example to youngsters, with her stupid tattoos that will look great when she's sitting in the old-aged home trying to remember what sort of pot to tinkle in.

Then there's Facebook.

Pleading with users to "help friends who only have 24 friends".

Sounds to me like it's mirroring Mark Zuckerberg, who probably only has 24 friends himself now that his shares have collapsed and it was revealed that 83 million Facebook accounts are fake. And people can't stand the new timeline system that has been imposed on them by Facebook. Fair enough, users who don't pay shouldn't expect to have a vested interest in how Facebook looks, so perhaps they should suffer the timeline in silence. But it really is appalling, causing users to have to look over their shoulders all the time to see what information they are unwittingly revealing.

And changing email contact to a Facebook email address by default without telling people. That's downright insidious, free user or not.

I don't want a Facebook email address, and to judge by the take-up, neither do countless millions of others!

Then there's a continual big push to buy Virus software packages from both the PC chains and when you download any free Adobe product. Sorry mates, I love my free Avast! anti-virus system - it catches absolutely everything, updates itself twice a day and never seems to blob. (Being bi-partisan I better add that "other free anti-virus systems may be available" .........  BUT sod it...... in my humble opinion you can't beat Avast!).

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