Saturday, 4 August 2012

Let's get commercial...lightheartedly but serious!

Right. if I said Singapore, what would you think of?

Yes, so would I.

Raffles Hotel (no longer on the bay-edge I might add). Changi airport as a stopover on the way to Australia (although not for much longer if Quantas pull out - oops, perhaps not a good choice of words, given the context of this story - of the Oneworld Alliance). So many electronics products made there during the 70's and 80's.

Now how about Mentos, those delicious soft sweets? Would you equate them with Singapore in any major way?

No? Neither would I.

Or at least that was until an acquaintance from Kindling Media, Chris Hardwick got in touch!

His client is Mentos Singapore. And it seems the company are doing a really sweet thing (aargh! sorry) on the 9th August, at precisely 10.30pm, by helping to prove music is the language of love by promoting a "National Night" rap at the end of Singapore's National Day Celebrations.

And what are they doing this for?

To encourage an increase in the birth rate in the city-state, that's what for. People are to have have a listen, get somewhat in the mood and then retire to bed, but the hope is, to not necessarily fall asleep immediately.

Hard though it may be for you to believe, but I kid you not good people, it would appear that while Singapore is one of the most productive nations on earth, they are a bit backward at coming forward (no pun intended) as one of the more re-productive nations!

So, to encourage the patter-patter of tiny Singaporeans, Mentos are suggesting that legally cohabiting heterosexuals should show their affection to their homeland Singapore - and indeed, more so, to one another - to get down and boogie, and to, er, suck it and see (so to speak) in the cause of boosting the population 9 months hence.

A very interesting concept (oops! sorry).

And you read it here!

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