Sunday, 16 September 2012

Plugin to reduce Facebook to something you want

There is a wonderful browser plugin that lets you reduce the rubbish as well as hiding stuff you don’t want to see on your facebook page. They (facebook) are plainly not happy about it, and yes, we use facebook for free, but tough.

The timeline is appalling and the rubbish about X-list celebrities, wastrel reality show contestants and the peurile games people play on their iPhone or on facebook are of absolutely no interest to me.

Go to where you will find the plugin for various different browsers.

I have only been using it it for a few days but it does seem to do an excellent job of letting you manage what you want to see and more importantly what you don’t want to see.

Some nice things it does includes setting the timeline to one, centred column and setting your default page to view "most recent" stories first rather than "most popular". It also can do away with the awful "trending" that nearly always takes you to a supermarket, bank, insurance company or telecoms provider.

Highly recommended.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Britain is the mother of modern day politics and law. Oh really?

It has long been said that Britain is the mother of modern day politics, law and order.

No doubt the burglar Judge Peter Bowers recently cited as courageous would agree. 

Yes, Britain is the mother of modern day politics, law and order. Which probably explains why judges and barristers dress like berks in their grey wigs and schoolmaster gowns, over paid for essentially just being book-clever and on a par with HR directors when it comes to total stupidity and total lack of respect for the public they serve.

That is not to say there aren't some extremely good legal eagles out there. If the normal person can afford them that is!

Mr Justice Eady is another one. Regularly making the hallowed pages of the satirical magazine Private Eye virtually every other issue for judgements he makes that are just unbelievable. One of his recent wheezes, the "contra mundum" is in essence a worldwide ban forever about an individual's private life.

And then if you remember back to March 1998,  Lord Chancellor Derry Irvine became a figure of total ridicule and contempt when details of renovations carried out on his official residence were made public. They cost a total of £650,000, including hand-printed wallpaper worth £59,000.

This is so typical of the overpaid and out of touch judiciary in the UK. No wonder court cases cost so much with idiots like these handing down judgements.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

A new twist on an old Nigerian 419 scam - and my reply

A message from customer Service

Standard Chartered Bank
Third Floor. PO Box 788,
Accra High Street
Building Accra
Tel/Fax:233 540969397

Dear value Customer,

I am Mrs. Felicia Peace (Head of Customer Service) Standard Chartered Bank. We received instruction from our financial authorities and IMF office to remit the compensation sum of $2.9m to you. While we are processing your payment file, it was discovered that your fund beneficiary name has been changed and replaced. The bank's remittance director has ordered that we stop the payment until we get a mandate from you authenticating this change. If you are aware of this development, please kindly give the name but if not please furnish us with the following information to enable verify and update our data here before subsequent processing and transfer of your fund.

1 Your full name:
2 Your present contact address:
3 Your telephone & Fax numbers:
4 Your Occupations/a
5 Your Private Email Address:

I once again appeal to you to remain calm while i do my best to make sure that your fund is transfer to you without further delay.

I am waiting for your urgent reply

Mrs. Felicia Peace
From Customers Service.
Dear Mrs Peace

Many thanks indeed. All fine by me, just go ahead. If you have difficulty, just send me the telephone number and email address of the remittance director and I'll speak to him directly, as I have an account at the branch. I must be honest and say I didn't know you had a remittance director, and I know most of the staff.

Kind regards
Edward Moss

PS - You have all the following details on record already - just go into your customer records. All the information you need is there, including my bank account number, and you can just transfer the funds at the click of a button. Any problems, just ask your branch manager.

1 Your full name:
2 Your present contact address:
3 Your telephone & Fax numbers:
4 Your Occupations/a
5 Your Private Email Address: