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You what? You’re going WHERE for a holiday? Colombia?

Crime! Drugs! Drug lords! Murder! Poverty! Litter! Rotten transport! Lousy roads! Third-world hotels! 
You must be absolutely mad! 
What on earth is possessing you to go there?
This was the general reaction when I mentioned where we were heading for our holidays this year. But the detractors and smart-Alecs couldn’t have been more wrong.
Crime, well we certainly saw none, nil drugs, yes, some abject poverty, but hey, there are around a dozen people currently sleeping in doorways on Manchester’s Deansgate; no litter anywhere, with tripartite bins for paper, glass/tins and non-recyclables on most street corners, superb speedy and cheap public transport with no peak fares for a substandard service, no road potholes, fabulous hotels . . . .yes, Colombia is nothing but fantastic! Well, providing you exclude car drivers. They are like the drivers in Rome or Paris - suicidal!
We kicked off in Medellin, former home to drug lord Pablo Escobar, one-time richest man on the planet. However, it i…

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