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A little bit of retail therapy was required this morning to keep the fridge and cupboard shelves happy and content. So utterly depressing! In the supermarket, two full rows of unimpressive Christmas tat out already, pushing the Halloween tat to the further end of the shop. Why they think I need Christmas crackers, selection boxes with chocolate responsibly sourced from farmers in Ghana who are paid so much from the 2021 $7.24bn turnover of Cadbury owner Mondelez that they have to have their 12-year-old children splitting cocoa beans with dangerous 3-foot machetes because they can't afford either schooling or school books, is beyond me. Or a very plasticated door holly wreath that looks like it is made in China (it is made in China - according to a David Dickinson-lookalike on Tik-Tok with no visible neck and built like an outside sh*t house, Mary, or was it Joseph, was Chinese and followed the three wise men, Wing, Wang and Wong to Bethlehem all the way from China). And d

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