Sunday, 21 April 2013

We are giving away iPhone 5's because the box seal is broken........

For heaven's sake - if you see the "We have got 239 boxes of iPhone 5's that can’t be sold because they have been unsealed. Therefore we are giving them away for free" message doing the rounds, just avoid it! 
That's almost £150k's worth of phones being disposed of free because the seal is broken on the box!!!!!!

They are after your email or mobile details so they can either flood you with spam, or try and get personal details and fleece you with a credit or debit card deposit for unusually high postage (or they'll just try and clear out your bank account, max your credit card or steal your identity).

Come on. Be realistic. 
Who in their right mind would give an iPhone 5's away for free because the box is unsealed? I don't see any of the mobile phone shops, retailers or for that matter Apple themselves doing it!
Have you seen any similar offers from any other retailers? Dell giving away laptops because the box seal is broken? Fortnum and Mason giving away food hampers because the seal is broken? Dyson giving away vacuum cleaners because the box seal is broken? All similarly or lower priced items than an i-Phone!

Sign up to WOT ( and just see for yourselves how "too good to be true" these offers are.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Letter to the Teachers Union of Ireland on their boycott of Israel

To the Teachers' Union of Ireland on their boycott of Israel

Dear Sir/Madam

So, you're helping to turn the land of saints and scholars into a land of saints and racists! Maintaining the underlying continuence of being the only neutral country in Europe that takes sides.

Your boycott of Israel, the only true democracy in the Middle East, is at the very least totally misguided, at the very most, ignorant and abhorrent racism.

You are making total fools of yourselves, supporting the arch anti-semitic agitator and libelous Jim Roche (I don't see him raising objections that his soul-mates the Taliban prevent girls from having an education, or that there is repression in Bahrain in the run-up to the Grand Prix!), who, plainly has so much time on his hands that should otherwise be used to better effect in promoting the cause of Irish Education. If he is so worried about Palestinians and the Gaza strip, he should actually be less of a coward and take a ticket (preferably one-way; I'm sure there's a queue to provide one) and go and live there.

I presume in pursuance of your ridiculous boycott, you, and your ambassador to Gaza, Roche, will now do your utmost to ensure your members will no longer make use of any of the items on the following list. All were invented in Israel, otherwise you will not only just be racists, but hypocritical racists to boot.

In particular, I draw your attention to mobile telephony, mobile storage (pen drives) for computers, INTEL processors, VOIP and Skype, all invented in Israel. You should stop using these immediately in pursuance of your boycott, together with agricultural solutions and medical treatments.

Also, you should note many of these Israeli medical inventions that are used for cancer and other degenerative diseases [sadly not antisemitism], as well as machines for internal microscopic body examinations - if you or your members have, for example, ulcers, or embolisms/blood clots as a result of strokes, please ensure these items invented in Israel are not used, as this would completely forfeit your boycott.

Here is a non-exhaustive lists of some Israeli inventions and achievements. I urge you to read through carefully making sure that you and your members stop using these below with immediate effect.


- Model of quasicrystals, discovered by Nobel prize winner Dan Shechtman of the Technion
- Discovery of Quasicrystals by Dan Shechtman of the Technion.[1] The discovery led him to receive the Nobel Prize in Chemistry
- Discovery of the role of protein Ubiquitin by Avram Hershko and Aaron Ciechanover of the Technion Institute (together with the American biologist Irwin Rose). The discovery led them to receive the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.


- Eshkol-Wachman Movement Notation
- Prediction of Quarks by Yuval Ne'eman of Tel Aviv University (together with the American physicist Murray Gell-Mann).
- Discovery of the Aharonov-Bohm effect by Yakir Aharonov and David Bohm.
- Formulation of Black holes Entropy by Jacob Bekenstein of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


- World's smallest video camera - a camera with a 0.99 mm diameter, designed to fit in a tiny endoscope designed by Medigus.
- Development of the "Pillcam" by Given Imaging, the first Capsule endoscopy solution to record images of the digestive tract. The capsule is the size and shape of a pill and contains a tiny camera.

- The EarlySense continuous monitoring solution allows hospital nurses to watch and record patients’ heart rate, respiration and movement remotely through a contact-free sensor under the mattress. The system’s built in tools include a wide range of reports on the status of patients, including alerts for falls and bedsore prevention.
- Pillcam endoscopic capsule developed by Given Imaging
- Eshkol-Wachman Movement Notation - a notation system for recording movement on paper that has been used in many fields, including dance, physical therapy, animal behavior and early diagnosis of autism.
- Development of the Copaxone immunomodulator drug for treating multiple sclerosis. It was developed in the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel by Michael Sela, Ruth Arnon and Deborah Teitelbaum.
- Development of the Interferon proteins by Michel Revel from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel.
- ReWalk, created by engineer Amit Goffer, founder of Archomedical.  The Rewalk is a kind of robot suit that enables wheelchair users to walk, sit and stand again.  A crutch, a system of movement censors, mini computers and rechargeable batteries all wrapped in a very lightweight material is part of this.
- Development of taliglucerase alfa (Elelyso), a recombinant glucocerebrosidase enzyme produced from transgenic carrot cell cultures.  Taliglucerase alfa won approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in May 2012 as an orphan drug for the treatment of Type 1 Gaucher's disease.

- Work of Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem explaining irrational human economic choices.
- Developments in Game theory. Israel Aumann of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem received the Nobel Prize in Economics for his work in this field.
- The Rubinstein bargaining model, one of the most influential findings in game theory, refers to a class of bargaining games that feature alternating offers through an infinite time horizon. The proof is from Ariel Rubinstein 1982.


- Nanowire - a conductive wire made of a string of tiny particles of silver, a thousand times thinner than a human hair. developed by Uri Sivan, Erez Braun and Yoav Eichen from the Technion.
- World's smallest DNA computing machine system - "the smallest biological computing device" ever constructed, according to Guinness Book of Records, which is composed of enzymes and DNA molecules capable of performing simple mathematical calculations and which uses its input DNA molecule as its sole source of energy it was developed in 2003 in the Weizmann Institute of Science by professor Ehud Shapiro and his team.

Theoretical computer science

- Michael O. Rabin introduced the concept of nondeterministic finite automatons.
- Amir Pnueli introduced temporal logic into computing science.

- Reconnaissance satellite TecSAR - developed and built by Israel Aerospace Industries.
- Technion Satellite - launched into space in July 1998, it is one of the smallest satellites in the world. Cube-shaped satellite which has 45 centimeter-long sides and weighs 48 kilograms and has an extremely low power consumption. The Technion satellite began as a student project of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, supervised by Haim Eshed and initiated by Giora Shaviv, former head of the Asher Space Research Institute (ASRI) at the Technion.
- Wall radar - a unique radar which utilizes Ultra Wide Band (UWB) to allows users to see through walls. Developed by the Israeli company Camro.
- Mobile telephony (developed in Israel by Motorola), the camera telephone chip, Voicemail and Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) such as Skype and Digital Voice.
- Injured Personnel Carrier - A unique evacuation method developed by Israeli company Agilite Gear, comprises of a strap which allows you to carry the wounded person on your back.
- Airport Security That Checks Intentions -now hidden sensors can predict whether someone is planning a terrorist act
- PrimeSense revolutionises interaction with digital devices by allowing them to “see” in three dimensions and transfer control from remote controls and joysticks to hands and body. It is the leading business provider of low-cost, high-performance 3D machine vision technologies for the consumer market.
- Panoramic Power provides a current monitor solution that enables enterprises and organizations to reduce their operational and energy expenses using a breakthrough power flow visibility platform.
- Decell Technologies is a global leader in providing realtime road traffic information based on monitoring the location and movement of phones and GPS devices. Swift-i Traffic, Decell’s premium product, is incorporated in leading navigation systems, fleet management services, mapping operations and media channels in several countries.
- HydroSpin is developing a unique internal pipe generator that supplies electricity for water monitoring and control systems in remote areas and sites without accessibility to electricity.d an environmentally friendly and economically beneficial way to float solar panels on water instead of taking up valuable land, generating energy while protecting and limiting evaporation from reservoir surfaces.

- Intel Israel changed the face of the computing world with the 8088 processor (the “brain” of the first PC), MMX and Centrino mobile technology. Israeli engineers at Intel in the 1990s had to convince skeptical bosses to take a chance on MMX technology, an innovation designed to improve computer processing. It’s now considered a milestone in the company’s history.
- USB flash drive, originally marketed as the DiskOnKey - a flash memory data storage device integrated with a USB interface. The Israeli company M-Systems (in partnership with IBM) developed and manufactured the first USB flash drives available in North America.
- Quicktionary Electronic dictionary - a pen-sized scanner able to scan words or phrases and immediately translate them into other languages, or keep them in memory in order to transfer them to the PC. Developed by the Israeli company Wizcom Technologies Ltd.
- Laser Keyboard - virtual keyboard is projected onto a wall or table top and allows to type handheld computers and cell phones. Developed simultaneously by the Israeli company Lumio and Silicon Valley startup company Canesta . The company subsequently licensed the technology to Celluon of Korea.

Computer software
- Adi Shamir co-inventor of Differential cryptanalysis. Algorithms include Shamir's Secret Sharing.
- Lempel-Ziv-Welch algorithm - a universal lossless data compression algorithm created by Abraham Lempel and Jacob Ziv of the Technion institute together with the American Information theorist Terry Welch.
- Babylon - a single-click computer translation, dictionary and information source utility program developed by Amnon Ovadia.
- ICQ - an Instant Messaging software developed initially in 1996 by the Israeli company and adopted by AOL. Mirabilis.

- Tomaccio tomato developed by Hishtil Nurseries of Israel
- Drip irrigation using a non-clogging plastic emitter developed in Israel by Simcha Blass and his son Yeshayahu.
- Hybrid cucumber seeds - In the 1950s, Prof. Esra Galun of the Weizmann Institute developed hybrid seed production of cucumbers and melons, disease-resistant cucumbers and cucumbers suitable for mechanical harvesting. Galun and his colleagues invented a technique for producing hybrid cucumber seeds without hand pollination.
- TA C o u n t r e a l – t i m e microbiology enables the detection and counting of harmful microorganisms in a matter of minutes, rather than the conventional method of cell culture that takes several hours to a few days. The technology applies to the fields of drinking and wastewater, pharmaceuticals and food and beverage production.
- Netafim is a worldwide pioneer in smart drip and micro-irrigation, starting from the idea of Israeli engineer Simcha Blass for releasing water in controlled, slow drips to provide precise crop irrigation. The kibbutz-owned company operates in 112 countries with 13 factories throughout the world.

- Super iron battery - A new class of a rechargeable electric battery based on a special kind of iron. More environment friendly because the super-iron eventually rusts. It was developed by Stuart Licht of the University of Massachusetts.
- Energy tower - Purely theoretical alternative electricity generation and water desalination technology in low cost. The Energy towers spray water on hot air at the top of the tower, making the cooled air fall through the tower and drive a turbine at the tower's bottom. The brainchild of the American physicist Phillip Carlson which was expanded by Professor Dan Zaslavsky and Rami Guetta from the Technion.
- A unique technology for producing hydrogen in vehicles as an alternative fuel source. It is produced by the Israeli company Engineuity and was invented by Amnon Yogev and Eli Gmaazaon.
- Improvement of previously existing flat plate solar water heaters - A home facility which converts solar energy to thermal energy. Following the energy crisis in the 1970s, The Israeli law requires the installation of solar water heaters in all new homes. It was developed by Zvi Tavor.
- Solaris Synergy innovated an environmentally friendly and economically beneficial way to float solar panels on water instead of taking up valuable land, generating energy while protecting and limiting evaporation from reservoir surfaces.
- Leviathan Energy innovated the Wind Tulip, a cost-effective, silent, vibration-free wind turbine designed as an aesthetic environmental sculpture, producing clean energy at high efficiency from any direction.

Consumer goods and appliances
- Epilator (originally "Epilady") - an electrical device used to remove hair by mechanically grasping multiple hairs simultaneously and pulling them out. It was developed and originally manufactured at Kibbutz HaGoshrim.
- Wonder Pot - a pot developed for baking on the stovetop rather than in an oven.
- Micronized coating instant hot water pipes developed by A.C.T.
- Artificial gills - a theoretical special diving system that is not yet in production, currently being developed by the Israeli company Like-A-Fish Technologies which produces oxygen from water making oxygen tanks unnecessary.

- Rummikub - a tile-based game for two to four players invented in Israel by Ephraim Hertzano.
- Hidato - a logic puzzle game invented by the Israeli mathematician Gyora Benedek.
- Taki - an Israeli card game invented by Haim Shafir.
- Mastermind - an Israeli board game invented by Mordecai Meirowitz.

- Bamba - peanut butter-flavored snack which has been manufactured by the Osem corporation since 1966. Bamba is one of the leading snack foods produced and sold in Israel.
- Limonana - a type of lemonade made from freshly-squeezed lemon juice and mint, created in the early 1990s after an advertising agency promoted the then-fictitious product to prove the efficacy of advertising on public buses. The advertising campaign generated so much consumer demand that the drink began to be produced for real by restauranteurs and manufacturers, becoming a summer staple in Israel and other Middle Eastern countries.
- Ptitim - wheat-based baked pasta. It was initially invented during the austerity period in Israel when rice was scarce.
- Shkedei marak - small yellow crisp crouton squares used as a soup accompaniment.

I have purposefully not mentioned defence inventions such as the Uzi, Iron Dome etc, as "friends" of Israel in neighbouring countries can go and search for themselves

I think the above bit more of an exhaustive list of inventions than those of other countries in the Middle East, renown for such world wonders as :

- rocket attacks
- Jihadists
- Al Queda
- fundamentalists
- suicide bombers

- forging pictures of attacks on civilians
- disallowing women to drive
- book burnings
- fatwahs
- flag burnings
- killing fellow citizens

all the otherwise sole inventions of countries neighbouring Israel, but not exactly the stuff of Nobel Prize Winners.

But then your type keep your blinkers firmly on and never look at the other side, do you?

Is mise le meas

Edward Moss

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Immorality in recruitment.......just for a change

Thursday, 4 April 2013


It's behind you (oh! no it isn't - oh! yes it is etc.).

It doesn’t seem like such a long time ago, and yet it's nearly with us again. In fact, it's always nearly with us again. Or is it just that it never went away?

The Festive lights are switched on in August.....or is it next week? Those annoying advertisements for less than useful products from Tomy and Fisher Price, all featuring Santa with a smile that make you want to vomit, clutter up the advertisement breaks on children’s commercial television for months in advance.

The Post Office are quick to remind us of the last days for posting to obscure islands off the coast of Tasmania, but beggar if they can succeed in getting a first class letter from London to St Albans tomorrow before they impose another price rise. Or before one of their raft of ivory-tower, HR-infected managers, who wouldn't know a post round if it hit them in the mouth, comes up with another “fabulous” idea to make the life of the over-worked Posties on the street even more intolerable!

And Noddy Holder and Roy Wood get dusted down and rolled out again.

Ho! Ho! blinking Ho! It's Mr Retail Festival, the patron saint of credit cards.

As far as I can tell, it seems the departmental store trim-a-tree displays have never been taken down. (What do people do with their baubles from year to year that they have to continually replace them every Christmas?).

The DIY stores have long abandoned their Bar-B-Q and tatty plastic garden furniture displays for instant Christmas trees (which should be Bar-B-Q'd) and equally tatty plastic Santas, baubles and other irrelevant Yuletide junk supposedly designed to help you enjoy the Festering Season.

But in reality, they only assist the directors and shareholders in having a happier Christmas.

Oh! And we mustn’t forget the Christmas hamper advertisements that are even more regular than utility bills - that is, if your hamper company stays in business long enough.

But we must remember that it is, after all, a religious festival. Something to do with someone's birth, I believe. I bet there are many who didn't realise that! There' may even be the odd prayer or carol (unfortunately, it's usually a Vorderman) on the telly, or a man in fancy dress telling us to repent and think charitably.

Them, someone, somewhere, will have had the utter temerity to send you a tasteless, traditional Christmas card with the picture of a cross, grotto or even a representation of the great man himself as a reminder. Although, it will be a £3 charity card that the stationery chain will donate 2p from each to homeless otters in Poulton-le-Fylde.

Oh! And don't forget HM the Queen and her royal unfortunate's by-now traditional goodwill and horrible anuses to all men, at 3pm, over a plateful of turkey and cranberry sauce. The meal purchased, no doubt, at vastly over inflated prices (it's the demand, you know, despite turkey and cranberries being on sale all year-round) from one of the 'helpful' supermarket chains who are absolutely fantastic at helping themselves to the money from your wallet.

But in reality, what is Christmas all about nowadays?

Business shuts for two weeks solid, except for the poor souls who have to go to work at a minute past Christmas to open the doors for the great public to go sale-ing or returning the useless presents they received from long-lost relatives who thought that they could palm off any old rubbish in exchange for a 6-day stay.

Now here's an idea - why not buy store vouchers for your loved ones as a present. They automatically gain at least 25% if not 50% or even 75% in value at a minute past Christmas, depending on the level of reduction in the post-Christmas sales.

But do you not find it an insult that the wonderful present you bought for your loved one three days before Christmas is suddenly, five days later, on sale in the same shop for up to 75% less than you paid for it (or has she already stuck it on e-bay)?

And what's more, some of the stores have the bare-faced cheek to flag up their post- Christmas sales on the till receipt for the goods you've paid full price for three days before Christmas!

Bah! Humbug!

And one mustn't forget one's tree adornments - how about Bert and Ernie (from Sesame Street) or garden gnome illuminated 'fairy' lights! Or a singing Christmas Tree that looks like a plastic Jeremy Kyle on steroids. Or for that matter even an inflatable Christmas tree.

And to wrap those presents you've spent a fortune on - why there's flashing (yes, as in coat opening and revealing) Santa wrap of course! And there's always Santa in a Can or Christmas Pudding and Brandy Butter foam bath. All very Bethlehemmy!

It's not that retailers think the buying public are stupid and gullible.

They KNOW we're stupid and gullible.


Had a fantastic morning preparing for England's win in rugby.

Or will it be a win in Derby?

Well, it's not that I will be attending the match, or that I might even watch it on television – in fact I don’t even know if or when they are playing - but I could tell something might up judging by the copious amount of Carlsberg Lager people were buying from the supermarket when I popped in at 7.30am.

I had been instructed by the wife to purchase some "low fat" (could have sworn that is the name of our local Chinese Take-Away) red cheese, and found out something that made me slightly suspicious, not that I might be in any way cynical when it comes to supermarket shopping, you will understand.

All the red cheese - the normal, the "Be Good" to yourself, the simply red cheese (presumably the stuff Mick Hucknall buys), the super-duper "Taste the Difference" and the Con You Sir, oops, I mean Connoisseur red cheese contained EXACTLY 33.7g fat per 100g.

That, to me, is one of life's true con-incidents, oops, I mean coincidences. Smells a bit fishy. Or cheesy.

Were they perchance from the same batch, genetically related, only packaged differently in order to sell them to the unaware shopper at varying prices? Or was I being a little too harsh on the supermarkets who, after all, offer on the one hand such good value to the farmers they beat up, and on the other, save local shopkeepers from paying rent by forcing them out of businesses?

There were also a few logistic problems at the checkout - one of those multi-ones for baskets only, where four operators sit back to back. The Sikh checkout didn't want to sell a joint of beef, while both the Jewish and Muslim operators didn't want to sell bacon. The Jehovah’s Witness was refusing to sell a woman sanitary towels. 

Then the supermarket team leader adjusted his shorts, straightened his "Bob the Builder" badge and frogmarched into the fray, unprepared to speak to anyone who wasn't related to either someone with an OBE, or who, at the very least, had an Oxbridge education. Although with his headphones on, shouting self-important instructions into his microphone, it’s a wonder he could talk to anyone (those who shop in the same supermarket I do will know the one I mean - the buck-toothed, greasy-haired little oik who was in charge of North Korea in a former life).

After all this excitement, I then dashed home to watch Jeremy Kyle, only to discover I can’t stand the programme and don’t even know what channel or when it’s on!

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

It's not our fault........

I never cease to be amazed at the Iranians.

Nothing is ever their fault. It's either the fault of the infidel West, Israel or the President of America.

But never their fault.

I could say as far as Iran is concerned, if it's anyone's fault, it's the French. They're the ones who, in the first place, sheltered, and then subsequently allowed out the barn-pot, two-shots short of a double vodka, warmongering 'cleric' Khomeini in the first place.

This man's only legacy (aside form the total destruction of cultural Iran as we knew it) was to introduce the Taliban, Boko Haram, Al Queda, 9/11 and all the other murderous misfits otherwise incapable of anything useful, to the world, and to turn the world against what had up to then been a respected world religion, previously attracting no derision, mistrust or disgust.

Khomeini allowed Iran to replace it's modern, cultural and intelligent, pro-Western despotic leadership with a bunch of out-of-date, out-of-tune and out-of-their-heads bearded lunatics who know only how to burn books, issue "fatwas", chop off hands, destroy culture and education, and worst of all, subjugate women.

The Iranian authorities, when they're not refining nuclear material to make into warheads, or providing new crayons for their peasant President's latest colouring book, have now decided, in their infinite wisdom, that the reason for so much divorce in the country is because of ...... wait for it ....... Turkish television soap operas.

Not because the male population have been encouraged by the maniac mullahs to denounce normality and regress to the 1600's and women are now becoming sick of it.


It's the fault of the humble soap opera.

They really do defy belief!