Monday, 28 May 2012

A strange week has gone by...

Well, I suppose it's a strange week that goes by every week really!

Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, the Libyan spy whom, it was claimed, was the Lockerbie bomber, passed away and was interred without any ceremony or speeches to mark his departure. Somewhat different to his arrival in Libya after having been released.

Meanwhile, back home in Blighty, Eugene Polley passed away at the ripe old age of 96. Also without too much pomp and ceremony. Yes, and who was Eugene Polley I hear you ask? Why he was Mr Founding Father Couch Potato of course!

Still no wiser? Well, Mr Polley launched the first wireless TV control way back in 1955, although he felt that despite some retrospective awards, he never received the credit he felt he was due. Such as a subscription to WeightWatchers.

Meanwhile, the good folk at the Levenson inquiry are hoping no one gets wind of the wonderful mad folk in the Middle East, in particular a civil plaintiff (?), Duwaim al-Muwazri, who feels that the death sentence isn't tough enough (can there actually be a tougher sentence!) for poor auld Hamad al-Naqi.

Hamad is a Sh'ite Muslim who had the temerity to allegedly use Twitter (Hamad claims his account was hacked) to insult not only the semi-despotic rulers of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, but then to go on to besmirch the good name of prophet Muhammad.

Yep. It’s okay for Al Queda and all the other towel-headed lunatics to homicide bomb and murder innocent civilians in restaurants and on the streets - many of whom who are children - all in the prophet’s name, but don’t mention him on harmless, free-speech Twitter!

And then we read about the appalling use of a supermarket plastic bag in the hands of another pair of total nutters, the Ahmeds, who stand accused of murdering their 17-year-old daughter for refusing an arranged marriage and bringing ‘dishonour’ on the family. Sorry mates, you’ve brought total dishonour on the entire Muslim community of Warrington through murdering your own lovely daughter. What sort of care-home candidates are you at all? Lock, key and throw-away come to mind.

We also learn that some members of the Vatican, together with foreign diplomats, enjoyed the intimate company of a teenage girl very much against her will some years ago. Sadly, the girl, Emanuela Orlandi, who disappeared in Rome in 1983, lost her life to these perverts.

And finally, to finish off the week, a man in his 70’s came second-last in a songfest renowned for crooked voting and an appalling taste in patronising and twee presenters. Poor Englebert.

I suppose at least his flame didn't blow out, unlike the e-Bay torch, as it went through the Devonshire town of Great Torrington.

Yes, it’s been a strange old world this week.

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