Monday, 7 May 2012

Become a limited company!

The news seems to have broken regarding upwards of 2,000 public servants who are currently pretending they are limited companies in order to save on their tax and national insurance obligations.

In fairness, they, like you or I, are keen to avoid paying a penny more than they have to into a system that seems to be awash with money when it comes to supporting infidel-hating middle-eastern clerics, with their benefits, mobility and legal aid payments, as well as illegal immigrants who continue to live in paid-for Chelsea properties having already defrauded the taxpayer of more than £30,000 to date.

These public servants are ostensibly no more a limited company than you or I. And what is more galling is the fact that their salary is far more than yours or mine to begin with, any reference to this legalised con aside.

I have never decried people making a fortune, provided it is worked for genuinely and honestly. However, there is only so much money you need for a very comfortable existence.

It is ironic that some of the extremely wealthy entertainment stars, awash with so much money that they don't know what to do with it, apart from taking time off from their hectic socialising to tell us to donate to Africa's poor, are some of the country's greatest tax evaders.

They set up offshore directorates and pay themselves incredible tax incentivised "fees" or even "loans" to avoid their duty to HMRC. Even many of Simon Cowell's relatively talentless protégées, having sucked the public's purses dry through premium rate telephone rip-offs to get them where they are today, register themselves abroad.

Then there are the companies such as Google, ebay and Amazon, who the last thing they are short of is money, who operate from offshore tax-havens simply to avoid paying their fair share of tax.

And that is what it is. Legal or otherwise. An avoidance of paying their fair share of tax.

By all means, ensure your company is tax-efficient.

But if your profits are running into hundreds and hundreds of millions, why do you have to "defraud" HM Government?

Just "be a man", remain in the UK and pay your way, like your humble minimum wage employees have to.

And as for the legally fiddling public service employees and their non-existent limited companies.

You should just simply be ashamed of yourselves.

Especially if you are a tax collector calling the kettle black!

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