Thursday, 26 July 2012

Sorry. you can't blame Chancellor George Osborne for everything...

Some of the financial moralists have come out with guns blazing, baying for Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne's head.

"The dip of 0.7% is all his fault." "He's good on work experience but nothing else". "Sack him." "Worst double-dip for 50 years" Etc etc.

Oh shut up the lot of you, you bunch of moaning, overpaid, under-talented, hypocritical wastes of space.

Granted, he might preside over the most expensive fuel in Europe -  but it hasn't escaped my notice that the previous incumbents did nothing much about that themselves, did they?

So come off it guys! It's not just his fault. What exactly do you want the poor man to do?

It's the dishonest bankers and financially suited low lives who have got us into this particular mess. Fixing LIBOR. Gambling with our money. Offering mortgages to those who could ill afford them. Sucking millions out of us with their flatulent pay and bonuses to reward their incompetence and dishonesty. Fiddling while Threadneedle Street burns.

I know you need a scapegoat, but check at home first before you head off trying to find some political laundry of Mr Osborne's that YOU think MIGHT needs washing in public to subsequently try and take the spotlight off yourselves.

He's far more honourable, honest and trustworthy than you lot have been or ever will be.

And what makes him any less qualified to hold his democratically elected position than you are to hold your own jobs-for-the-boys positions, where you seem totally unaccountable to anyone, as you continue to pay yourselves immoral remunerations for creating havoc and misery for everyone else?

"If you don't pay the right money, you won't attract the right talent." Yes. That has worked well with Bob Diamond, Fred Shred, Jerry del Missier, Alison Carnwath, Marcus Aigus etc etc etc. Better ennoble them quickly and ensure they walk away with at least £20m each.

And don't say the Chancellor's austerity moves caused millions to lose their jobs.

I'm sorry. That was entirely your fault.

1,000,000% your fault, to use an accountancy analogy shared between X-Factor's Louis Walsh and yourselves.

So shut up the lot of you.

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