Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Malicious social bloggers

I really can't get my head around malicious social bloggers.

Yes, I rant and rave when twitter continually suggests I follow the altogether sweet, rather beautiful, but to me, rather inconsequential Holly Willoughby.

But take the idiot (and thankfully it appears the Police have) who twitter-abused Olympic diver Tom Daley.

What goes through the minds of this type of moron?

Is it jealousy of a quite handsome lad making a name for himself as a superb sportsman representing his country? Is it that he sadly had nothing better to do? Or is it, as I suspect, just sheer, bloody-minded ignorance?

Having seen the twitter conversation reproduced in the Independent newspaper, if the idiot is stuck for something better to do, perhaps he should consider having extra English lessons for a start. His spelling and grammar - the 140 character constraint of twitter aside - is absolutely appalling.

My first reaction (aside from the sheer, wondrous amazement of watching them together - I really don't know how they do that amazing diving business), when Tom and his synchronised diving partner Peter Waterfield failed in the medal table was, "Drat. What a shame. They missed."

And then I thought - well, there's always Rio in 2016.

It never even crossed my mind to tweet and insult him about his late father who was taken too early with a brain tumour. It didn't even cross my mind to tweet and insult him!

What Mr Malicious Tweeter needs is a week shackled to a dustcart in Stratford picking up the litter left after the Olympics each day.

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