Thursday, 12 July 2012

The masses communicate...just about

I admit that I use Facebook. And furthermore, I admit to being an early user of Facebook. Not long after Facebook started, a website I was honorary webmaster for (local youth club) a few years ago, put their volunteer workers' profiles on-line in a question/answer format, one of those questions being: Facebook/Myspace?

I had a look at these sites, and, as someone happy to make satirical replies about all and sundry, I was hooked.

Yes, at times, I act my IQ rather than my age, but it has reunited me with a number of people from my past, who, unlike some, I am delighted to get back in touch with! A particular example is a friend from college (in Dublin) who I hadn't seen for 30 years. I had a flying visit to Dublin and was able to meet this man, potentially one of Dublin's finest opticians and a gentleman to boot, for lunch and a chat.

However, what does amuse me is the varying levels of communication represented on Facebook. Peoples' literary or grammatical abilities do not concern me in the least - yes, I do feel sad that the standard of English has sunk further than the Titanic, but some of the content has me reeling in the aisles.

While some people insist on plotting their every move during the day, others only come to life when they can tell, or rather boast, to all and sundry their current international whereabouts (be honest, we all do!) or their new car. The clever ones plot their business ventures. Then there are those who make statements that would require a professorship in brain wave movements to understand  - for example, one word statements such as "Tree", and then one of tree-poster's friends will reply "Exactly. I'm so Matt Sheeran". As Mr Spock on Star Trek used to say, "does not compute".

And then there is the football brigade, who rarely message about anything else bar football.

Yes, the football brigade. They call it the "beautiful game" - I suppose they have to, because some of the fans are far removed from being in any way beautiful.

I noticed the following conversation on Facebook. The **** refers to the basest of profanities, the 'F' word so beloved by the football fraternity. The spelling and grammar, or lack of both, throughout, is in its original posted form.

Thread poster: Love being on Orange!!!! **** you peeps on o2
Response 1: **** u orange peeps lol xx
Response 2**** em  all ill stick 2 Tesco
Thread poster: Least I can text and ring people!!!!!!!
Response 3: i can whats app that'll do me! x (anyone understand that one?)
Response 4: Mine O2 works fine so  **** U RIGHT BACK !!!
Thread poster: Lmao

The masses it seems, simply just can't communicate any more. They can't spell. They can't punctuate. And it seems they can't really speak either.

I really do wonder how they manage to fill out application forms, be it for jobs, passports or even to join Facebook in the first place!


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