Friday, 6 July 2012

Forget Happy Thanksgiving - it's Happy Beefgiving

For a change, an 'informationary' blog rather than my usual ranting and raving.

Some of you will be aware of my two favourite English-speaking countries, namely Australia and the good ol' US of A.

The former I was introduced to thanks to Vauxhall Motors, the UK division of General Motors, enjoying as I did, two sojourns to the wonderful city of Melbourne. The latter, I regret not being a little younger and perhaps more 'liquid', as I would otherwise be writing this from Tamarac in Florida.

My first experience of Florida was as a 'semi-resident' in as much as we stayed with friends in, coincidentally, Melbourne (downtownish Miami) for two weeks, stepping into a hotel - a Days Inn - for only two nights of the entire holiday at Disney with the kids.

The second trip was to New York for a landmark wife's birthday, where we stayed in resplendent luxury in the Waldorf Astoria for 10 days, a mere $8 ride (then) from the Carnegie Deli! (Food glorious food, hot sausage and latke, chicken soup, kneidle, salt beef, and one evening, Jackie Mason sitting behind us!)

Back to the story. You may or may not, depending on your propensity for trivia, be aware that 14th July is Beefgiving Day in Australia. It's a time for Ozzies to get together and celebrate the day with a wonderful beef meal. Were I there, my love of a great steak would just about outrun an opportunity to annoy vegetarians!

Anyway, I received a message from the lovely Deborah Bryan of Kindlingmedia in Los Angeles, telling me about this unusual day. And she sent me a video link.

And here it is.

She mentioned that "The video is rather amusing as it pokes fun at two Australian politicians who rarely get along." 

Having had a quick gen up on the two politicians, I agree! It is amusing (and very well put together, as the aging father said about Kylie).



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