Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The story of Barclays Bank

So, let me get this right.
1. Barclays rigged Libor rates.
2. They missold customers in excess of £4billion of products, including PPI and interest rate swaps .
3. They have made a £329 million loss at their investment arm that has since put aside £2.37billion for bonuses "to retain the best" (presumably the same 'best' that helped them lose £329m)
4. They lost Tom Bower's family heirloom jewellery, claiming they didn't receive two recorded delivery letters sent to them and have no video evidence of anything.
5. They are making 7,000 ordinary banking workers redundant
6. You apply for a loan or credit card with Barclays for, say, £500
7. They run a credit check on you

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