Thursday, 20 February 2014

BNP announces its Euro election manifesto

The BNP announced its Euro election manifesto this morning, despite most members of the party being unable to spell either ‘election’ or ‘manifesto’. Following a European ruling, it has dramatically changed the way it operates, having taken election guidance provided by the Commission specially for totally odious and objectionable political parties.

The main BNP party leaders, headed by leader Adolf Griffin, Heinrich Barnpott and Bunny Hitler, gave a press conference earlier this morning. Revealing their new plans, the party has decided the following.

Membership is now open to any member of the community, irrespective of their race, colour or creed, providing they are white, Anglo-Saxon and Protestant, although Catholics may be admitted in extreme circumstances.

The BNP has totally changed their stance on immigration, saying that neither race, colour, creed nor ethnicity should be a bar to entering the country for social, domestic or employment purposes, provided the passport of the immigrant can prove beyond doubt that they are white, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant and were born in the UK.

People of all religious persuasions, creeds, colour and race are to be provided with total, 100% tolerance and respect, providing they are white, Anglo-Saxon and Protestant.

The power of instantaneous stop, search and sometimes even arrest by the Police, used mainly in areas tending to be exclusively Black, Asian or Jamaican, will now cease immediately. From now on and effectively immediately, the police will no longer have to power to stop, search or even arrest white, Anglo-Saxon Protestants.

It will be an offence for anyone to call a member of the ethnic minorities a Spic, Span, Eyetie, Muzzie, ****, Kike, Jew, Gyppo, Fatso or Baldy, especially if they are white, Anglo-Saxon and Protestant.

Religious and racial intolerance on the BNP’s social networking site or website will no longer be tolerated, especially if the subjects of those taunts are white, Anglo-Saxon Protestants.

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