Thursday, 24 December 2015

My annual predictions for 2016.

DFS will buck the new year trend for sales by not having a sale at any time during 2016. Instead, they will just maintain their normal retail pricing structure of 50% off everything. Christmas 2016 decorations, selection boxes and mince pies will go on sale in all the supermarkets from January. The Friday of every week will be designated a special sale day by the marketing people - Grey Friday, Techno Friday, Lunatic Friday etc

Christian Faith Schools in Birmingham will announce that their new school uniform dress code will consist of a nun's habit for both male and female students alike. The nun in question will be livid. The Nation Union of Students will announce that anyone with an IQ higher than 40 will not be allowed to join

Donald Trump invades the Isle of Man. Dublin builds a wall around the city to keep residents in. Michael Foot returns from the afterlife to lead the Labour Party and immediately helps it shoot up seven points in the polls. Nigel Farage goes an entire month without insulting anyone. In a surprise late entry for the Mayor of London election, last-minute candidate Benny the Highland Terrier is elected

Kym Karcrashagain announces that she is expecting sextuplets. Their names have already been confirmed as South South, North by North, East South, Easy-by-East, West North and Nigel. The winner of X-Factor 2016 is announced two months before the competition begins. Qatar win the Eurovision Song Contest, now presided over by Sepp Blatter. The BBC will limit repeats to only 16 hours a day

The Apple iPhone 7 is released with a host of extra features. Men will be able to sign on using their penises, while women will be able to use their left breast. However, a new feature being introduced is that it will not be possible to use it to make phone calls. A new 18inch tablet will be introduced by Samsung called a laptop. Windows 16 is automatically installed on every computer in the world, something Linux users will be particularly upset about

A new craze amongst the youth will be for correctly-fitting jeans without knee tears that are held up around the waist by a belt. Trouser crotches down at the knees will be solely for those who are incontinent or suffering from haemorrhoids. People with foot complaints will petition the Government for an end to what they see as mocking orthopaedic fashion shoes

Researchers in Oxford University will announce a cure for stupidity in all but Jeremy Corbyn supporters. The NHS announce that anyone connected to either the Stasi, KGB or Scottish National Party will not be allowed to apply for a position as a doctors' practice receptionist

Football supporters will be paid to advertise insurance companies, energy providers and betting companies on their football tops according to their chest size. It is anticipated many new millionaires will be created amongst Glaswegian and Newcastle supporters. Andy Murray will write the joke of the year which will be performed by Tim Vine at the Edinburgh Festival

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