Tuesday, 11 November 2014

And the most important thing is. . . . . .

There is an absolutely huge dilemma in the UK that I need to bring to your attention, but let's leave it until later in the blog.

At the time of scribbling this, the casual reader will not need reminding of some of the lesser impending problems in the world at the moment, but I'll remind you of them anyway.

There's that nasty ebola virus that governments are trying their best to keep out of their respective countries. Horrid, but not as big a dilemma as this UK one I will allude to.

There's Iran posturing about its rather unclear nuclear vision. A vision to have weapon-grade electricity generating stations. Horrid, but not as big a dilemma as this UK one I will allude to.

Then there's the unacceptable increase in anti-Semitism throughout the world where Israel can do no right and everyone seems to have forgotten the Holocaust during World War II where just under half the world's then population of Jews (along with gays, gypsies and the disabled) were brutally murdered. Unbelievably vile, but not as big a dilemma as this UK one I will allude to.

And there's the onward march in Iraq and Syria of a crowd of totally unhinged barbarians who know nothing except how to brutally murder those who don't believe in their brand of zealotry and totally unacceptable nonsense. A modern-day Holocaust of epic proportions that people just seem to 'hum' and 'haw' about. Horrid, but not as big a dilemma as this UK one I will allude to.

Now for the huge UK dilemma. The one that effects you and me much more than any of the above. Regardless of whether you're getting in the way of Islamic State,  a Jew, struck down with a virus, homeless or even a One Direction fan (treatment sadly not available on the NHS for the latter, so be afraid. Very afraid).

Yes, the huge dilemma is - and Ban Ki Moon, despite his uselessness, could well have to involve the UN seeing as our own politicians are even more useless, is - which Christmas advertisement is the winner this year?

Is it John Lewis, Marks and Spencer, Argos, Asda. Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Aldi or Lidl?

Yes, this is THE important and vital question, as we are bombarded for six weeks solid by these crass, commercial pieces of eye candy without the merest mention of Jesus, Mary, the three Wise Men.

As for the donkeys - yes, that's the members of the public who put up with this annual mindless festering season of good ill to all men.

Bah humbug!

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