Friday, 17 May 2013

Water cannons for the police - come on Teresa, just get on with it

Well hoo flipping ray.

The government are at last thinking of deploying water cannons on the streets as a measure to deter the trouble-making rubbish that cause our valiant police men and women such heartbreak and physical abuse.

I wrote to No 10 and the Home Secretary Kenneth Baker not long after John Major took over from Baroness (then Mrs) Thatcher suggesting how useful water cannons were in deterring the rubbish from making trouble on the streets of Northern Ireland. They replied that "no", not on my watch, i.e., "I've got an expenses scandal to built up to and the police have helmets anyway".

While I realise that the average police-worrying trouble-maker on the street possibly doesn't wash voluntarily anyway (the two words they detest being "soap" and "work"), they nevertheless object to being soaked with water on a typically cold British night.
So don't faff around Mrs May.

Get cracking and help the police to help themselves. They (the police) don't deserve to be abused and have bricks thrown at them (and more) as they protect the majority of the population who know to act like human beings irrespective of the score from a Premiershi* football match, or whatever it is that beings these mindless lunatics onto the streets to cause trouble.

Why oh why is everything such a trouble for the government?

Why does it take them so long to protect the long-suffering voter?

Car clamping, tax avoidance scams, price fixing, house selling, house rentals, rip-off consultants, petrol prices, motorway stop-over rip-offs and generally just everything Rip-Off Britain.

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