Sunday, 22 March 2015

Advertisers get happier . . . . and I get grumpier

What is it with current advertisements on television? Is it that the advertisers themselves are selling such absolute rubbish, or is it simply they don't realise they have saddled themselves with completely uncreative and useless advertising agencies?

Meanwhile, Sir Martin Sorrell is waltzing to the bank with $53million for his past year's troubles. I wonder how many awful campaigns his company WPP has come up with recently? Or have they been responsible for originating or copying any of those I'm about to mention?

I can't imagine the viewing rooms being full of company directors all wetting themselves with delight at the unveiling of new campaigns like these below that are of such monumental piss-poor proportions.

The malaise set in with mobile phone operator O2 and their positively appalling "Be more dog" campaign. Totally meaningless, not to mention grammatically incorrect.

Then, already accused along with other comparison sites of encouraging sign-ups to deals providing the best commission .... to themselves, have come up with possibly the worst of the lot,"X, you're so moneysupermarket". The latest incarnation sees an offensive chap with an offensive rear strutting offensively in a pair of women's orthopaedic fashion shoes.

How can anyone or anything be "so money supermarket"?  It's like saying to an HSBC director "you're so slush fund", or to a pharmacist "you're so prescription". Utter, puerile, childish hogwash.

The ones that really rattles my cage are the number of brands that are now "happy", mostly just grammatically incorrect clones of one another. The list is growing by the minute. Do the directors of these brands not realise that not only do they appear like copy-cats, but their agencies are uncreatively stupid, doing nothing but taking their clients for a very expensive ride?

Let's take a few of these happy-chasing brands, many supported by truly appalling advertisements that are neither clever nor the least bit amusing:

Gala Bingo - play happy
Jacobs - snack happy
Hyundai - get ready for happy
Rightmove - find your happy
Dreams - sleep happy
Hungry House - 25% more happy
Stork  - bake someone happy
Fabreze - breathe happy


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