Monday, 15 September 2014

Job interviews - the modern scourge

When it comes to a job interview, some people worry about not having a qualification. Well aside from quoting all the famous drop-outs who became incredibly successful business owners, for example, Lord Sugar, the trend seems to be reversing somewhat. If you succeed in obtaining an interview with the organ grinder as opposed to the monkey, you really should have no problem.

Any sensible interviewer should focus on what you can do for the company rather than the rather meaningless bits of paper you might have on a wall.

You can be as qualified as Einstein, but if you have no experience of the real world, employers should certainly think twice. They owe to their business. I once worked for a degree-mad multinational corporation where one of the marketing seniors had a superb degree. In physics. One of the other senior marketing managers was equally qualified. With his Geography degree.

So, if you have a degree in Animal Husbandry and a degree in Mechanical Engineering, why not apply for a job where you can weld cats?

Unfortunately, nowadays, you are dealing with 100% professionally fully-dysfunctional HR people who seem to have bred uncontrollably throughout industry and commerce, duping chief executives and management in ways that haven't been seen since the Ponzi schemes and pyramid selling of the 80's and 90's.

Yes, they have a lovely, cuddly degree straight out of college, but not only do they know absolutely nothing about anything, let alone the position they are supposed to help recruit for, but by and large, they tend to be totally clueless about the actual business and its customers.

But have they just fed your CV into an automatic reader? And in scattering the correct key words thought theirs, will your fellow - and far less suitable - candidate secure the job because they were a better massager of the truth and the reality than you are.

These dangerous HR people are strangely, and quite unbelievably lauded, simply because they are "HR" (Human Remains?), elevated to a senior position in the company that they really and truly do not in any way deserve and are certainly not by the remotest stretch of the imagination in any way qualified for.

Unfortunately, HR, with its weird and completely out of body practices, is completely ruining tradition employment methods. All it has is a 100% complete dysfunctionality combined with the total loss of a grip on reality. HR is now all about organising the monthly bonding session in a fancy hotel with fancy food where very well-qualified workers are encouraged to jump up and down on coloured squares of paper, instead of being on the job and doing what they do best, that is, serving their customers and helping increase the company bottom-line profitability.

I remain to be convinced otherwise that HR has contributed to at least 3% of the current unemployment index through its stupidity and dishonesty, not to forget the total dishonest and sham farce that is the TUPE process (the government really needs to crack down on this TUPE dupe).

HR needs proscribing.

It's similar to equivalent Health and Safety procedures (guarded over, coincidentally, by the HR bods) we have been lumbered with.

Remember, before Health and Safety there was common sense.

Before HR, there was honesty, integrity and straightforward decency.

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