Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Airport security......pah!

Having just ‘done’ the "Gatwick thing" a few days ago en route to Barcelona, I am convinced that airport security is a connivance.

The requirement to turn up at the airport seven hours in advance to book in is a total sham and a complete waste of time and passengers' money.

I am convinced that the airlines, passport control, border agency and G4S security chumps are on the W H Smith payroll, hence the reason we have to turn up so early for our flight. And the reason I say this is - have you seen the altogether mighty creative prices at WH Smith?

The humble bag of crisps is now 99p! Yes, the 1970's equivalent price of a week's petrol. 60p short of the cost seeing The Electric Light Orchestra in concert. Or the cost of three pints of beer. 99p for 50g of pure, salty cholesterol, and not even the equivalent of one reasonably sized potato contained therein!

And as for sandwiches - nearly £4 for two slices of bread with some slop wedged between. And 85p for a small chocolate bar.

Daylight robbery!

It must be great for the first time visitor to England to roll-up into WH Smith for a drink, snack and a packet of fags to find they have to take a mortgage out!

But then the public gets what the public deserves, and it's all part of the motorway stopover mode they go into the moment they travel. UK passengers seem to have this innate, built-in need to be ripped off.

They flock to these overpriced dens to be held to ransom at the tills, yet would never think of remotely entertaining such extortion on the High Street, often traipsing miles to save 4p on a carton of orange juice. Yet they are quite happy to pay up to 60% more in airports, train stations and motorway stopovers.

But transfer them to the waiting area of Dalaman airport in Turkey, and they suddenly see sense. Here they won't pay £13 for a burger or £4 for a bottle of water. For some strange reason, sense seems to prevail, something the dopey Turkish airport authorities haven't yet cottoned onto - that if they reduced their prices, their snack bars and shops would be full. They don’t realise that the tourists have enjoyed normal priced take-aways and 40p bottles of water all holiday, so are not going to pay up to ten times more for the privilege, at the end of their holiday in the airport.

Yet the British holidaymaker continues to support the domestic rip-offs. 

Perhaps they are just stupid!

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