Wednesday, 3 October 2012


As you have probably read, judging by the rubbish I write, I do all my own blogging! I use it as a sounding off board to shout about things that make me smile, seethe or just totally see heart-attack red (the latter usually brought on by reading of useless Z-celebrities and the totally untalented X-Factor contestants who incessantly fill newspapers. Oh and bloody supermodels who aren’t the slightest bit super [not one of them is], just overpaid clothes horses, and companies that use the totally incorrect and nonsensical “pre-order” and “pre-owned”).

However, I am actually amazed by the number of advertisements on the freelance job web pages I see, such as that illustrated below:

Experienced Guest post writers needed urgently!
Quality matters
Posts to be completely original
Relevant to the theme/niche of our client's web site and the host blog
500 words or longer
Including one or two copyright free images you will source
Use a different pen name for each post
Copyright is ours
One or two hyper links in the body
Sometimes we will provide the title, sometimes you can suggest titles and later write the ones we get placed
Our relationship is confidential and no contact with our clients
Looking for writers with a professional approach and respect for deadlines!

Aside from surrendering copyright, which I will never do unless I can be guaranteed they use it once only without earning anything further from my work, they don't want much - originality, relevant to client, provide photographs etc etc etc.

However, what I can't get my head around is that some total stranger is going to be commissioned to write something totally off their own head, relevant for a business they know nothing about, that is going to subsequently claim the work is representative of their business!

This is like committing to eating an Italian meal in a restaurant one evening purely on the basis of having had a fried egg and sausage sandwich from the counter in their newsagent shop one morning.

The ‘agency’ might just as well cut out the middleman (themselves) and save their client money and suggest they lasso someone in off the street to write about them!

Or more sensibly, get the client to place their own advertisement.

Reminds me of the way the bloody useless and totally dysfunctional HR "profession" carries on.

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