Sunday, 16 September 2012

Plugin to reduce Facebook to something you want

There is a wonderful browser plugin that lets you reduce the rubbish as well as hiding stuff you don’t want to see on your facebook page. They (facebook) are plainly not happy about it, and yes, we use facebook for free, but tough.

The timeline is appalling and the rubbish about X-list celebrities, wastrel reality show contestants and the peurile games people play on their iPhone or on facebook are of absolutely no interest to me.

Go to where you will find the plugin for various different browsers.

I have only been using it it for a few days but it does seem to do an excellent job of letting you manage what you want to see and more importantly what you don’t want to see.

Some nice things it does includes setting the timeline to one, centred column and setting your default page to view "most recent" stories first rather than "most popular". It also can do away with the awful "trending" that nearly always takes you to a supermarket, bank, insurance company or telecoms provider.

Highly recommended.

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