Thursday, 21 July 2016

I'm definitely turning into my late father!

I can't stand drivers:
. . . . who don't know and can't judge the width of their own car
. . . . in front of me who swing out onto the other side of the road to turn left
. . . . who leave huge gaps between cars on busy roads because they are so busy chatting/phoning/sleeping
. . . . who leave it until the very last minute to indicate as they approach the junction you are waiting to pull out from
. . . . at a T-Junction who sits there for hours waiting for the road to clear totally of any traffic, and that includes the truck half a mile down the road approaching from the left, and a car half a mile up the road approaching from the right
. . . . at a T-Junction who doesn't a least try to nose out in busy traffic
. . . . doing 52 mph in the centre lane of a relatively empty motorway
. . . . in cars beside me in heavy traffic with all the windows open as they listen to some angry chap on their CD shouting to the backing of someone manufacturing self-assembly furniture (called, I believe, rap music) or the sound of ducks being strangled to the backing of far eastern bagpipes (called, I believe, ethnic music)
. . . . who pull up beside me in the right-only filter lane who then cut in front of me to go straight on the moment the traffic lights change
. . . . in front of me in the inside lane who do not anticipate/are so blind they cannot see a stopped bus or packed vehicle and then pull out into my lane with absolutely no warning or mirror-signal-manoeuvre
. . . . who think using their indicators once in a while actually gives them permission to pull out in front of me whenever they choose without looking
. . . . who can plainly see the lane closed signs on the motorway but insist trammelling up that lane at 70 mph and then pushing in two metres before the lane disappears

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