Thursday, 5 May 2016

We keep getting the politicians we don't deserve

Local election day in the UK, where many Britons head off to the voting station to put an "X" beside the name of someone they don't know representing the political views of a party they know nothing about. And that's just the candidates.

Just back myself from the high-tech plywood and nails that I believe is officially called a "polling booth". Plainly the local invigilator must have worked in a bank, as the little voting pencils were very technically Sellotaped to a piece of string in the booth. The iPad generation hasn't enveloped the political voting system just yet, despite many councillors spending vast sums of local council tax-payers money on iPads and Samsungs to assist with a larger screen to play Candy Crush on as they attend vital Council meetings.

The local school kids have been kicked out of their play-school hall to accommodate this. I was bitterly disappointed that only four names appeared on the ballot paper, none of whom was a member of the Monster Raving Loony Party, so I was forced into voting, rather embarrassingly, for a Normal Raving Loony. There were three "members of staff" in attendance, all rather chipper bearing in mind they had already been there for two hours when I arrive at 9am.

As I left the lovely wood-scented booth and junior-school smelling polling station, a lass, possibly in her early twenties had just finished a conversation with the rather dumbfounded-looking outside vote-card number checker. The outside vote-card number checker told me that the reason for her 'dumbfoundery' was that the lass had informed her that she (with, the outside vote-card number checker noted, an iPhone 6 Plus glued to her hand) didn't know there was an election on today. No wonder we keep getting the politicians we don't deserve.

I wonder should we just turn off the lights and leave the country.

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