Sunday, 10 January 2016

EEC gravy train NOT threatened

Right, so if the UK leaves the EEC, it would appear that, amongst other things:

1. The 70-odd (some very!) UK MEP's and their entourage of expense-collecting mandarins and hangers-on will continue, business as usual and uninterrupred for many years lining their pockets, with the 70-odd potentially able to vote on things of absolutely no consequence to the average now non-EEC UK national.

2. The UK resident who has exhausted many other legal avenues and seeks justice from the European Court as a last rersort will now have to whistle. At least this changes the status of Morecambe, which up to now has very much been the last resort.

3. Many consultants from companies such as the ususal suspects KMPG, Deliottes etc will die in the stampede to join the gravy train charging £2,000 or more a day for consultancy services on existing trade agreements that will all become null and void when we leave the EEC.

Meanwhile, while the consultants fight to the death to get to their bank accounts, on the other hand, and as an example, businessman Arse Wenger, who has up to now had no trouble flogging his hemharroid cream to Italy, will suddenly find his product, which he relies on via export to Europe, falls into a category of product where a trade agreement no longer exists. 

So he will have to bugger around at great expense through his local Chamber of Commerce, paying Carnet and other fees, in order to ensure his business continues. All of which will put the price of his product up, delay it arriving at his Italian customers and ultimately put his business at risk.

4. Passport control? Visas? Right to work? A total car crash.

Wonderful. Always the little ones who will ultimately suffer.

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