Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Dysfunctional Layabouts Very Awkward - oh, er, the DVLA

Great to know the country's premium automated stealth-tax collection site doesn't do what it says on the front page.

Oh sorry, the recently new DVLA farce.

If you have a vehicle to shell out for, don't make any changes on-line, as you are then locked out for 5 working days (yep, weekends not included) while the system automatically (yep, "automatically" - you can tell its a civil service 'service', as it apparently realises when it's the weekend and doesn't work then) updates.

The DVLA themselves can't do anything for you, so you have to drag out to a Post Office (preferably one than hasn't been closed by this or the previous Government). Why the organ grinders have to send you to the moneys is beyond me!

Oh, and the highwaymen at DVLA will also charge you £2.50 to use a credit card.

And I love the message on the TOTALLY AUTOMATED PAYMENT phone system "all calls will be recorded for training and monitoring purposes" - I would love to know what they intend to do with a series of phone pad beeps.

What I can't get my head around is that while they had the chance, they should have simply got rid of car tax. Shoved a percentage on fuel so that those who use the most pay the most. A simple, self-financing pay as you drive system. Needs no administering, but then, the government lose chances to collect stealth taxes via their revenue camera cars.

But just think of how much time the Police would gain to chase criminals if they didn't have to go out on revenue duties!

If you must drive a 4x4 road digger and fuel burner to go to Sainsbury's, then you pay tax proportionally on the fuel you use. If you drive everywhere when you could just as easily walk or take public transport, then you pay more via your fuel. And if you don't like it, go electric.

And commercial travellers and professional drivers who use fuel as a tool of their trade could be easily accommodated through the tax system.

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