Monday, 21 July 2014

They've blown it all sky-high, without a reason why .....

The opening chorus lines of the first song the pop group I was in played in public when I was at college. A one-hit wonder by a group called Jigsaw I believe, if memory serves me right.

But I digress.

Being chased and nagged by a company to buy their goods or services really is irritating. It’s similar to when you open your email to find a “Dear Beneficiary” scam email from one of the tens of thousands of sons or daughters of the Nigerian Oil Ambassador who has picked you, from one of 65 million Britons, as fitting to receive $12million absolutely free.

I receive a physical piece of mail from Sky once a fortnight. Not to mention the pieces that fall out of the supplements and into the bin (recycle of course) from the Sunday Times every week.

While I have their phone and broadband services (please note that other suppliers are available, not that I would touch some of them with a barge pole), I elected not to bother with their TV.

I felt that it was more cost effective to watch dreadful programming and rotten repeats via Freeview. This would save my time by limiting the number of extra satellite stations of dreadful programming and rotten repeats I had to trawl through before giving up altogether and Chromecasting an instructional DIY video or concert from YouTube instead.

But the Sky mail keeps coming. Asking me to return. Telling me what I am missing. And making every offer they can to try and entice me back.

Aside from my primary reason as above for not taking satellite TV in the first place, their constant mailing has made me think about this, albeit quite negatively.

1.       Are they that desperate for customers?
2.       If I did take them up on their offer, what better offer might I miss by not waiting until the following week’s mailing or piece of rubbish to fall out of the Sunday Times
3.       They keep offering me sport programming either at a next to nothing or free addition. I do not like sport on TV (apart from athletics) and have absolutely no interest in football whatsoever (and have told them so on several occasions)
4.       I have the inconvenience of having to shred everything they send, because it contains my address and Sky account number.

So I really don’t know why they keep sending me stuff without trying to find out why, after approximately 30 pieces of direct mail, I have not already leaped at their magnanimous offerings.

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