Tuesday, 18 June 2013

"If you haven't heard from us......"

As the wild and wacky world of HR descends into its ever-increasing own little downward spiral of the "3D's" - Dysfunctionality, Darkness and Dishonesty - a new 'lark' is emerging to help the job phishers (the less than forthright agencies, but as they say on the BBC, "some  extremely good agencies are available") save time and effort as they cream off a huge percentage for placing someone in a job that the company HR person should have done.

"Due to the volume of applications we receive we are unable to respond to unsuccessful candidates."

So, by this perverted logic in customer service, if you browse in a bookshop and don't buy anything, unfortunately, the staff wont see fit to talk to you. Or "Those six tables in this restaurant aren't mine, so they can die of thirst as it's not my job". Or "You're not a parent at my school, and as the official lollipop lady here, I'm not going to acknowledge you exist, so go and cross someone else's road".

I appreciate I'm like a broken record (scratched CD or jumping MP3 to those of you who don't know what a record is) regarding my views on HR, but the really sad thing is that I and others know I am right. Just like the 40% of employees who responded to a survey who said their HR department lacked any form of credibility whatsoever (my thanks to the wonderful Rod Liddle of the Sunday Times for that snippet). Then again, the inability of these numpties to recruit for their own company proves Rod's point.

I have been scammed by the "our client is a leading" syndrome, where the agency is just phishing, having spotted the recruiter has omitted "no agencies" from the advertising.

In the past I've put a large effort into a job application for an agency only to find they are one of 11 others representing "their client".

I really want to do something about it now, so that when my daughter and son, and family and friends' daughters and sons go job hunting, they have a vague chance of dealing with an honest recruitment process.

Still, pigs may fly.

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