Thursday, 24 January 2013

Leeds Bradford Airport leads the way............

............................. for their rip-off Britain welcome to passengers.

Leeds Bradford Airport (LBA) continues its policy of extracting as much money as it can from its visiting captive audience with a new £6 charge for vehicles with more than 7 seats. The 'spokesman', who by now must be scarlet with embarrassment having to continually justify LBA's various daylight robbery methods says about the charge "they now have a dedicated lane with the space they need to operate safely."

You have to hand it to LBA. They continually come up with some classic and great excuses to justify their substantial range of hidden passenger taxes.

There is a £2 "fee" for delivering or collecting passengers 400m in front of the airport terminal. Great start to a holiday, getting soaked traipsing 400m to the terminal door in the often inclement Yorkshire weather (free drop off and less than a 50m walk under cover to the doors of Manchester Airport Terminal 2).

According to Mr Embarrassed, the fee can be avoided by dropping passengers off in the long stay car park. Yes, you can't beat a 20-minute walk, dragging your luggage in the wind and rain, especially if you are old or infirm.

LBA continually harps on about their stated aim being to improve service to airport users. The only improvement is to the airport's bank account, and the only change to the customer experience is that wonderful feeling of being ripped-off at every opportunity. Perhaps not the best way to engender repeat business.

It has come to the stage now where you start to question exactly what LBA is up to, aside from making money from the hapless public. But then the five former owning councils who decided in their infinite wisdom to privatise the airport in 2007 could shoulder some of the blame for charges to passengers now spiraling completely out of control. As a rule, privatised former public operations operate solely to allow suits to trouser vast sums of money at the public's expense.

Some might say it's worrying that the chief executive of the airport came from another airport having made millions from a finance deal at that airport! (See here). Or that it's cheaper to park a small plane overnight at the airport than it is to park your car.

Me, I think it's time for Leeds Bradford Airport to grasp the nettle and stop fleecing passengers.And if it means re-nationalising it, then tough for the trousering suits.

Let them go and get a proper job where they have to work for a living rather than simple rely on mugging  customers.


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